October 22, 2004

Moving in

@ Harry's house in Godric's Hollow

"Thanks for letting us stay Harry..." George said glumly but then gave him a full smile. "I was planning on just staying out over in Diagon Alley till I actually got my own place."

Ginny just walked as he had said that. "You're own place?"

George sighed. "Yeah I was planning on moving out and stuff anyway."

Harry looked at Ginny and noticed she was unpleasantly surprised. "When did you decide this?"

George raised his eyebrows at Harry. "So mate where's your bathroom?"

Before replying Harry noticed Ginny fold her arms angrily across her chest. "Uh upstairs to the right." Then watched George casually dropped his trunk and head into that direction leaving himself and Ginny by themselves.

"He such a baby." She scoffed dumping her own trunk on the ground. "He's only planning to move out cause he doesn't like Angelina."

Harry looked confused. "George not liking Angelina?"

"Buggers me how it happened?" She continued. "Yeah remember they use to be okay at school? But now ever since Fred and Angelina started dating he's been so unfriendly towards her. As if she was taking Fred away from him or something. Childish behaviour. Absolutely unnecessary."

Harry nodded carefully then walked towards Ginny to help her with her trunk.

"I can get that for you if you like?" He reached for the handle and accidently brushed his hand against Ginny's. They both pulled their hands away in that second.

"Uhh.." Ginny said going slightly pink in the face. "Yeah thanks Harry..."

Harry smiled and took the handle again. "I'll show you to your room." Ginny nodded silently then followed Harry up the living room stairs.

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