October 22, 2004

First Everything

@ the Ministry of Magic

Charlie looked around his office cubicle and smiled. Everything was just what he had expected. Simple... No Dragons. Lots of paperwork.

"This is completely crazy." He said to himself as he decided to take a seat at his desk.

"What is Weasley?" A curious female voice answered from the doorway of the office cubicle. "Talking to oneself maybe?" She continued as Charlie couldn't recognized who it was.

"Hello?" He greeted in surprise.

"Okay you don't remember me do you?" She continued.

"Umm?" He responded uncertainly.

"It's me. Tonks." She replied raising her eyebrows.

Tonks was wearing long black robes and her hair was in a cherry black tone and amazingly long and straight. She wore her eyes, today, sparkly blue and lengthy eyelashes. She looked stunning and yet not even knowing she was. Gradually Tonks smiled and entered Charlie's office.

Charlie nodded. "Sorry... I didn't recognize you... Heh."

Tonks repsonded with a grin. "How long have you started working?" She asked as she sat at the edge of his desk and fiddled with some things.

"40 minutes.." Charlie answered nodding and pursing his lips together. "Between you and me, I'm already feeling kind of home sick."

"That's understandable... I'd choose fire breathing dragons over fire breathing department supervisors anyday..." She smirked and waited for Charlie's reaction.

He simply nodded in amusement then noticed Tonks was holding something in her right hand.

"What's that?" He asked gently.

Tonks grinned and placed a tiny sized duplicate of a Romanian Longhorn on his desk. It roared fiercely but silently and then flapped it's wings. Charlie stared at it an awe then smiled over at Tonks very appreciative of the gift.

"Thought it would motivate you..." She stated looking from the gift to Charlie. "Nothing like this little creature getting your act together for you each morning so you can last the whole day here..."

Charlie was very touched. "Tonks..." He said breathelessly.

"No problem..." She answered sending Charlie a cheeky smirk as she headed for the exit. "Memo me..." She concluded from the doorway, then disappeared from sight.

Charlie patted the dragon then looked into the direction of where Tonks had taken path and smiled. "Thanks Tonks."

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