October 22, 2004

Daily Prophet Interview

@ the Malfoy Mansion

Draco waved his hand dismissively at the house elf. "Bugger off elf." Then looked over at the Daily Prophet News Reporter, who was looking very eager to interview him from a small stool.

"Okay ask away Mr. Stupin..." Draco added sitting back into his comfortable couch.

"So how is your new single going?"

"Fabulous, like always...." Draco answered loftily.

"Of course, of course..." Stupin corrected quickly, and wrote fast on his piece of parchment.

"So the weird sisters state that their new single will reach number one by christmas, what do you say to that Mr. Malfoy?"

Malfoy coughed uncomfortably then huffed out his chest. "I say those bloody weird sister fags can shove their little assumptions up their sodding arseholes..." Then he grinned satisfied with his comment.

"OoooooK?" Stupin replied looking from his parchment to his quill.

"Mr. Stupin... What are you waiting for? Write that down." Draco ordered nodding over at him.

Mr. Stupin looked at Draco a little panicked. "I don't think I'm allowed to though..." He responded his hands slightly shaking.

"Why not?" Draco asked sitting up.

"Well... It's not too appropriate is it?" Stupin replied slightly stuttering.

"You write what I bloody tell you write.... Or else I'll have that quill stabbed into your eye..."

Stupin stood up from the stool and stared over at Draco. "I don't take kindly to threats Mr. Malfoy."

"You don't?" Malfoy asked smirking a little.

Stupin suddenly started to walk backwards, and THUD, he had bumped into something quite large and solid. Stupin turned around to become faced with a very large Gregory Goyle. Stupin moved away fast.

"Arghh.... Who are you?" He cried out.

"That's Gregory Goyle..." Draco slurred in a sing songy tone. "My manager... And personal body guard..."

Goyle rolled his eyes over at Draco and then crossed his arms. "Okay..." Goyle stated sighing. "Which limbs do I attempt to pluck, Draco?" His tone was a little sarcastic and somewhat routine.

Draco waved his hand dismissively again. "Which ever one you think he may respond to the most..."

Goyle shook his head disapprovingly but then shrugged it off. "Okay let's go Mr. Stupin."

Stupin squealed. "What?!"

Goyle grabbed at his robes and brought him to a whisper away. "Just make him sound good! REAL GOOD!" Goyle whispered forcefully.

"But I can't-" Stupin stuttered in fear.

"Just do it or I will have to rip away limbs.... And I really don't feel up to it today..."

"Goyle punch him already..." Draco cooed from the couch.

Goyle looked at Stupin severely. "Do it. For your own sake."

Stupin nodded frantically. So Goyle let his grip loosen. "Now go!" He whispered once more.

Stupin pulled his arms away and ran for his life.

"Remember I know where you live Stupin!" Goyle yelled out after him.

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