October 22, 2004

The New Minister of Magic

Next Day @ The Ministry of Magic

Luna saw the elevator doors start to close and ran desperetely towards them.

"Oh no! Stop the doors please!" She called out.

The doors shut just as she reached them. Then re-opened a second later. Luna looked inside surprisingly and was staring eye to eye with a familar face.

"Thanks..." She thanked uncertainly, trying to recognize the face as well as entering the elevator.

"You're welcome." The tall slightly solid young man responded a little uneasily.

"Do I know you?" Luna suddenly asked out of the blue.

The young man coughed uncomfortably into his hand and tried to avoid looking at her, but also was trying to seem calm and professional about this interaction, as if it was an official conversation.

"Yes mam you do know me...." He answered rightly. "I'm the minis-"

"Neville Longbottom?" She interrupted suddenly.

Neville's face turned from professional to curious. "Yeah... Do I know you?"

Luna smiled and playfully punched him across the arm. "You don't remember me?"

"Looney Lovegood?" She said in a mocking tone- Well gradually after Neville's face had gone completely blank.

Neville's eyes suddenly widened. "Luna?"

Luna chuckled loudly then looked him over. "Wow look at you, what how long has it been? Almost 4 years?"

Neville was about to reply but Luna had grabbed hold of his clean and ironed out robes and shook him about.

"Holy cricket Neville... You look like you could be the Minister of magic..."

"Well Luna funny that you menti-" Neville started, however again was interrupted by Luna's grabbiness.

"I'm here on official business too Longbottom..." She said waggling her eyebrows up and down at him. "I'm the minister's new secretary..."

Neville didn't know how to respond. "Uh you- I mean-"

She totally mis-read his rambling. "I know?! Scary huh?... I heard the new minister is some silly twat... Father reckons he's just some young wizard with no serious intent of supplying what the wizarding world needs..."

"Luna-" Neville tried to interrupt, rather hastily.

"Not that it particularly bothers me... Just as long as he's not evil right?" Luna continued, last bit nudging Neville with her elbow and then laughing heartily to herself.

Neville didn't respond just nodded uncomfortably.

Suddenly their floors had come up and the doors swung open.

"Well I'll see you around Longbottom..." Luna replied smirking.

"Oh... I believe it will be sooner than you expect Luna.." Neville responded hoarsely.

Luna smiled broadly. "Really? Think you're a bit of a seer then aye?"

Suddenly a man in official robes came hurrying over to the elevators, he passed Neville as Neville headed out of them. Then the man greeted Neville accordingly. "Morning Minister..."

Neville looked from the waving official over to a stunned Luna.

"You're the young minister of magic Neville?" Luna asked her eyes wide open with shock.

"Yer..." Neville answered softly.

"Bugger me...." Luna answered fully aware she had just made a complete ass of herself in front of the minister of magic and on her first day to add.

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