October 22, 2004

Boys and their Girls

@ Godric Hollow - To Harry's House (Night time now)

Harry entered his two floor house and peeled the coat and scarf from his body then hung them neatly on the coat and hat rack by the door.

"Well that officially was my first wedding." Harry stated as he looked behind his shoulder at Ron who had just entered after him.

"Mine too mate." Ron responded roughly taking his coat and scarf off and chucking them, as roughly, onto the rack. "They make a good couple though, who would have guessed right?"

Harry shrugged. "Well I guess you don't notice those significant things till your life fully comes into perspective."

Ron raised an eyebrow at Harry and then chuckled. "You've been hanging around Hermione for far too long."

Harry rolled his eyes and then headed into the lounge room.

"Speaking of which..." Harry had begun.

"No." Ron responded quickly and shortly.

"So what? You're never gunna talk to her?" Harry asked lounging himself on his couch.

"Look if she wants to talk to me she knows where to find me, I ain't going to seem I'm in any hurry." Ron continued sounding resolved and definate.

"You miss her... And you can't keep avoiding her."

"Pfft. Harry one, I do not miss her and two I am not avoiding her."

Harry rolled his eyes again. "Weasley...."


"You're a git you know that right?" Harry concluded slowly shutting his eyelids.

"Says the wizard who has no love life at all..."

"Don't turn this on me Ron... And I'm too busy for that stuff at the moment."

"Bollocks... My sister is single, fun and is totally in love with you.." Ron added with a hint of cheekiness in his tone.

"Yeah well you're still a git for not talking to Hermione." Harry answered simply, letting Ron's words not effect him one bit.

"It's over Harry... It was over a long time ago..." Ron replied now heading into the kitchen and pouring himself a glass of water.

"You always say that..." Harry called out through sleepy mumbles.

"Well I mean it this time. It's over." Ron answered staring blankly at the kitchen wall.

"Whatever Weasley..." Harry answered slowly then seconds later was dead asleep.

Ron walked over to him and the couch and chucked a cushion on his head. Harry didn't budge but remained in a deep sleep. Ron easily giving up the task to wake him, headed away from the lounge room to his room upstairs. As he reached his room he laid himself on his bed, on his back, looking straight up at the ceiling. Thinking. Thinking about Hermione.

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