October 22, 2004

Working Class Man

@ Fred and Angelina's Wedding Reception

"Who knew out of all of you Fred was the first to get hitched?" Lupin's voice was heard from behind Charlie as he was pouring himself a cup of pineapple punch. Charlie spun around with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah and my bets were on Bill and Fleur." He responded then took a quick glance over at dancefloor where Bill and Fleur were dancing.

"Well I can predict something soon for the both of them too..." Lupin replied conversationally.

Charlie nodded. "I told Bill just yesterday he's gotta be settling down soon, Gringotts isn't the way of life..."

"Too true there lad... But then what about you? You're not that much younger than Bill and may I add much older than Fred..." Lupin then frowned. "But I didn't mean to pry."

Charlie chuckled. "No, no it's alright to ask. All I can say for myself I guess is that, I just haven't found the right girl...."

Lupin nodded contently then raised an eyebrow. "Have you been trying?"

Charlie shook his head sadly. "No I haven't."

Lupin chuckled. "Well mate, Dragons aren't the way of life you know?"

Charlie nodded knowingly then perked up. "Speaking of which... I'm starting at the ministry..."

"Really? Well yes I heard about it through some rumoured memo's but I didn't see your name on the auror's recruitment list?"

"Not as an auror... I haven't been through that training..."

"Well what department?"

"Department of the regulations of Magical creatures... I'm working with dragons still though... Just more officially." Charlie answered with a hint of pride in his tone.

"So you're going to be at the office more?"

"I suppose I will be...?"

"When do you start?"


Lupin smiled then elbowed him. "There is this new young lady working in the magic reversal squad... A real looker too..."

Charlie elbowed him back. "Lupin you sly dog you...."

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