October 22, 2004

The Newly Weds

@ The Ministry of Magic
"By the power invested in me and the oaths set by the Ministry of Magic, I now declare you husband and wife..."

Fred and Angelina lent in towards each other and kissed. The whole crowd in the large chapel like room roared with applause.


@ Wedding Reception

"Congratulations mate." Ron hugged his big brother then Angelina. "You two are a match made in hell...."

"Oh Ron!" Molly responded not impressed. Then turned to Fred and Angelina. "Oh sweethearts!" Then with one sweep she wrapped her arms around the both of them.

"You both finally did it. I am so proud! Now no more sneaking around and long road trips and.. and.." Then small sniffs were heard, Molly had started crying again.

"Oh mum..." Fred responded pulling apart from his mother and looking at her. "Don't be a silly duffer..."

"I'm sorry Fred... I'm just so happy.." She stated feeling a little embarrassed.

Angelina smiled and hugged Molly again. "We love you so much... Mum."

"Oh Angelina!" Molly had started crying again.

Ron and Fred exchanged glances of concern then a small smirk spread across their faces.

"Have you seen George around Ron?" Fred asked suddenly looking around.

"Yeah I think he's with Ginny or Bill or Charlie or Dad. One of them at least..." Ron replied now patting his mum gently on the back.

"Alright then.." Fred said suddenly spotting him at one of the tables alone. "Mum.. Angee- I'll be back okay." He quickly kissed Angelina and then headed over towards the solitary twin.


George looked up and smiled. "Hey... Well done mate. After so many annoying years you and Angelina finally did it." Then George stood up and hugged his brother.

"Yeah, who knew?" Fred said releasing his twin.

"So what now?" George asked.

Fred shrugged. "Well, after the honeymoon, I will get back to work."

George playfully punched his shoulder. "Mate take you're time... I have everything all handled out."

"But the business has grown into some serious public marketing George, you need all hands on deck for the next 2 weeks..." Fred responded seriously.

"Are you both talking business again?" Angelina's voice chimned in from behind Fred. Fred smiled and put an arm around his new wife.

"Just some things before we leave for Ireland tomorrow morning." Fred re-assured.

"I told him to take your times on the honeymoon..."

Angelina smiled over at George. "Aww that's sweet of you George."

George pursed his lips together and nodded, unconvincingly. Then there was a moment of silence in which George turned to look away from them.

Fred frowned a little over at Angelina. Angelina was a little unsure what to say but she attempted to keep a bond between herself and George. "Hey George..."

George looked over at Angelina, however avoiding any eye contact. "Yep." He replied simply.

"I hope, now that we're family, that we can get to know each other better... I really do."

George nodded unconvincingly again. "Sure.." Although he tried his best to make that as sincere as possible.

Angelina smiled then took Fred's hand. "Let's dance Weasley..." She ordered looking lovingly into her husband's eyes.

"Sure thing, Mrs. Weasley." Then he let Angelina guide him to the dancefloor to dance.

George stared after them with a small sigh. Then watched intently, wishing he could be happy for his brother.

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