October 22, 2004

Draco takes on Wizen Hall

@ Wizen Hall

"C'mon Draco, we can't leave till you get this right?" Goyle called out from the seats of the auditorium.

"Shut up, I know you stupid git!" Draco responded angrily from the stage.

The band behind Draco qued again and Draco started to sing, although his mind seemed angrily distracted.

"Calm me down, bring it round, too way high off your street. I can see, like nothing else, in me you're better than I wanna be. Don't think 'cos I understand, I care. Don't think 'cos i'm talking, we're friends.- Oh f u c k me dead!" Draco suddenly stopped, looking very agitated, he turned to the band behind him.

"Who's playing that unnecessary high note? What the hell am I? F u c k en sodding Myron Wagtail of the Weird sisters?"

The band looked terrified and shared panicky glances between each other.

"What's the problem now Draco?!" Goyle called out, his tone was tired and somewhat annoyed.

"One of these good for nothing musicians are trying to rip my song off!" Draco retorted still glaring at the band.

"It sounds fine from here!?" Goyle continued to call out.

"Hey!" Draco's head spun around towards the seating area where Goyle was. "You take my back fatty?! And when I say there is a bloody problem you start rolling heads okay?!"

Goyle frowned over at the co-producers next to him. They looked back at him with reluctant disapprovement. Goyle sized up suddenly. "What the hell are you looking at?!' He spat out at one of them .They frowned and shook their heads as if saying 'no- nothing we're not looking at anything'.

"Yeah I thought so..." Goyle hissed back at them. Then he turned towards the stage again. "Okay Draco, I'm dealing with it right now."

"About sodding time!" Draco called back.

Goyle then turned back to the co-producers and glared at one of them. "Get rid of that bagpipe player, she's making too much noise..."

One of the co-producers, all looking very nervous, held up a reluctant hand. "Umm, we can't.."

Goyle glared at him. "Why the hell not?"

"She's the only available bagpipe player in Britan that fall under Mr. Malfoy's requirements." He replied very quickly.

Goyle considered this for a moment then turned his glare back at them. "How bout this? You get rid of her now, or, I'll start pounding your bloody heads in? How's that?"

Each co-producer pulled a scared quirked face. They couldn't respond. So Goyle just sighed then turned to the stage. "Oi! Witch on the bagpipes, you're sacked!"

All the band members turned their heads to a scared little witch who was dead center of the stage. She looked nervously back at everyone. Then in stiff shock watched as Draco approached her with a look of sheer loathing.

"You heard the man... Bugger off!"

The witch stuttered for a moment before fumbling to get her stuff.

Draco watched with a malicing smile spread across his face.

After a few seconds she managed to have everything into her arms and then sped towards the exit.

"Now can we try this one more time Draco?" Goyle called out.

"Take it from the top Goyle!" Draco responded his tone was now in high spirits. "I feel so much better now."

Then he turned to the band. " Stuff this one up and I'll have your limbs torn off..." Then he turned back to the front and smiled. "Hmm so much better now."

The music was qued one more time round.

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